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* More Details of the Egyptian Pantheon!
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Site last modified on March 12th, 2000

Portal 4640 offers much to the wayward travelers of the multiverse. Here, you can find supplements for your personal use in playing AD&D, always a favorite game of true multiverse explorers. Journey forth to the Great Library, where you will find a wealth of information on a number of exciting and mundane topics, organized into small stacks to save valuable research time. If you're looking to take a book with you, then by all means head for the Great Bazaar and see if you can get the price you want on a great AD&D book or accessory. Take a chat break in the Great Hall, or just check out the Room of the Machines therein. Of course, the Great Sage is ready for your difficult questions, if you are willing to make the journey. And the Souvenir Shop has some great downloads for you at the great price of Free.

Last date of a Great Sage Answer 000312

Added or modified in the last 30 days
Downloads: Programs: trGen v2.71 - Treasure! (000303)
trGen's installer size was cut in half!
trGen now has 240 Gem Types!
trGen now has an Installer Program!

: Adventures: Aardvark (000216)
Absolutely wonderful side trek!

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